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Most of the people are complaining now of the possible effect of climate change and global warming to every part of the world. It is visible now to see the results of most people bad behavior and habits. It is due to different things and actions that people are doing every day. As early as now, experts believe that something terrible would happen in the future because of the continuous depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer. Part of it is the tree removal Memphis which considered to be only to save the Earth. Planting more trees and be able to reduce using the plastic and stop burning of fossil fuels and even deforestations. Some of the possible effects we could experience in the future are. 


  • There would be a possibility that the hotness or the high temperature level that we are experiencing will go up and up. People would have a hard time reducing the level of the warm weather.  
  • Most of the ice will melt throughout the different poles of the Earth. It is going to be a disaster for most of the people living near to these places and of course to those who have winter season. There would be a bad effect as well to the animals living to those places. For example, the penguins and seals.  
  • It would make the sea level higher as time passes by. 
  • Animals living in the mountains and low-level places would move and migrate to a higher peak of the mountain and be able to look for a place that can be their new home to live and stay.  
  • There could be a great impact to the overall precipitation. It would be fast enough to go up immediately when it comes the amount of rainfall and snow.  
  • Most people would think about the global warming as the bad and worst effect but not only this. There could be a very strong typhoon and hurricane coming across the globe.  
  • African countries would be so much affected for the drought season. There would be very less rainfall and not so convenient temperature throughout the year.  
  • Lesser supply of foods and even fresh water will continue to rise sooner.  
  • Most countries which are experiencing rainy weather would tend to have floods and for those countries which are near to equator would suffer to serious drought.  
  • Contagious disease would be a common problem as well. This is due to changes in the environmental structure and adaptability.  
  • Most of the animals would change their place and habitat and may result to extinction.  

There are many ways to prevent this from being a calamity in the future. People should be educated about the things to do and not to do. We should be a good follower to new set of rules not only for the Earth but for the kids that will be born in the future. In this way, they could still breathe the fresh air and see the blue skies, can drink fresh and clean water and be able to taste the delicious fruits and vegetables.  

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