Lynne is an award-winning author, educator, life coach, motivational speaker, and retired lawyer and psychotherapist who specializes in helping people live more fulfilling lives. She was born into the fantasy world of Hollywood. Her mother was an artist and her father an award-winning screenwriter and novelist. She and her parents were portrayed in magazines as "the perfect family", but behind this facade was a nightmare world of violence and sexual abuse that lasted from the time Lynne was born until she was eight years old. Lynne had three near-death experiences during childhood and another as an adult that profoundly impacted her life.

Pervasive feelings of being bad and worthless because of the abuse drove Lynne to overachieve to prove she had some value. She says overachieving and perfectionism are dysfunctional effects of abuse, although less recognized than withdrawing or underachieving.

Lynne spent many years clearing out limiting beliefs and self-defeating patterns from the past and learning forgiveness, compassion, connection with our inner power,and Self-realization. She discovered a life-changing truth: that everyone and everything in our lives is a gift designed to bring us to enlightenment. One of her main messages is that no matter what has been done to you or what you have done, you can heal. There are no exceptions. In fact, you are already pure, healed, and whole - a divine spirit. You are atoms and molecules, tiny particles spinning around, more space than matter, strings of energy. How can energy be sick or injured? You are pure consciousness. Go inside and realize who you are. All the answers you need are inside. You create your reality from a field of infinite possibilities.

Lynne has created many realities for herself as diplomat, United Nations policy advisor to the Agency for International Development, and a professor at law schools in Washington, D.C., California and Utah. Her work as an attorney-investigator for the House of Representatives Special Subcommittee on Investigations, the Subcommittee portrayed in the movie Quiz Show, led to her appointment as Chief Counsel to a U.S. Senator.

After winning a landmark case against a federal banking agency, Lynne was appointed by President Carter's administration as the first woman director of that agency. She received an award for outstanding performance and was honored in a White House ceremony for establishing programs to assist women and minority-owned financial institutions.

President Carter also appointed Lynne to the Steering Committee of a White House Task Force on Women where she helped women from Alaska to Hawaii establish business networks. She founded the first network for women business executives in Washington, D.C., and the first network for female United Nations delegates in Geneva, Switzerland, where she was a U.S. Delegate.

When she began recovering memories of having been abused by her father, Lynne went back to graduate school to earn a masters degree in clinical social work and became a psychotherapist, in order to heal herself and others. For many years, she studied the most effective psychological and spiritual techniques for overcoming challenges, such as trauma, illness and pain, and for healing and transformation.

During her recovery process, Lynne began to have spiritual experiences that opened her to new perceptions of reality. She studied the scriptures of many religions, explored the teachings of spiritual masters, and emerged from a world she perceived as hell into a world of miracles. She now works to help others out of suffering into their true power, and to realization of their true Selves.

Although retired from clinical practice, Lynne continues to teach and present workshops and trainings. She has appeared on over 200 radio and television shows throughout the United States and Canada, including, Leeza, NPR, Good Morning shows, and three times on Larry King's shows. A former radio talk show host, Lynne won a first place award from the Utah Broadcasters Association for another radio series that provided legal advice.

Lynne has been a keynote speaker for organizations across the country, including state governors' conferences, Hill Air Force Base, universities, religious organizations, spiritual groups, corporations, financial institutions, federal and state agencies, schools, libraries, and hospitals. She has conducted dozens of trainings for hundreds of therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors and other health care professionals in classes from Alaska to Alabama and California to New York, as well as classes for lawyers, judges, and law enforcement personel. She has been listed in Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who in Education,Who's Who in American Law, and Who's Who in America.

Lynne's first book, Reach for the Rainbow; Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse, n its second edition and 20th printing, has become a classic in the field, and is also in Chinese. Her second book, Reach for Joy; How to Find the Right Therapist and Therapy for You, is a practical guide for choosing and evaluating therapists and therapies and is available in libraries.

Clear Your Past, Change Your Future, reveals the techniques Lynne used in her own healing and tells readers how to do them. Foreign editions of Clear Your Past have been released in Spanish and Russian, and in a special English edition in India, and soon in Chinese. Sounds True produced a two-cassette audio package of Lynne's lectures, entitled Clearing Your Past, that includes a unique guided meditation.

Lynne's new gift book, WINDOWS TO THE LIGHT, Enriching Your Spirit with Haiku Meditations, is highly acclaimed for its poetry and as a tool for enlightenment. (Click on the "New CD and New Book" flashing butterflies.) This transformational book of meditations in haiku form is stunningly illustrated with art from Utah's finest artists.

Lynne's latest release is her first CD, CONNECTING WITH THE UNIVERSE, Meditations for Enlightenment and Self-Realization, with powerful guided meditations and spiritual techniques that provide direct experiences of Self-realization and enlightenment. (To listen to sample tracks, click on the "New CD and New Book" flashing butterflies.)

Currently, Lynne writes, coaches, teaches, and presents empowerment and transformation workshops and classes for the general public and courses for writers. She also trains psychotherapists, government officials, attorneys, judges and other professionals on child abuse issues throughout the country. She continues to appear on radio and television shows in the United States and Canada. (Click on "Lynne's schedule" for details.)

Lynne is finishing an expanded third edition of Reach for the Rainbow, soon to be released as an e-book on this website and a new self-help book, The Zen of Pain, about techniques for transcending pain without drugs and finding the gifts pain can bring. She also creates enlightening designs for t-shirts and other clothing, as well as other unique gifts. She still finds time to play in Utah's mountains.